Find a training course or training program to further your education and skills development in South Africa. The Skills Portal hosts dozens of accredited training institutions offering over 14000 training courses in over 40 different subject areas.

The announcement of a R1.5 billion increase in the National Student Financial
Aid Scheme to help more students study further has been welcomed by the
Supply chain management professionals? body.

According to business trend forecasters, 2014 is the year when businesses
will sharpen their focus on big data. It is projected that businesses will place
more emphasis on analytics projects, data-related security and privacy, and a
new generation of cognitive-intelligence applications.

ICT analysts have emphasised how 2014 will see the execution of data
management strategies, including analytics, volume control and application.
The prediction is that businesses will aggressively begin to extract data on a
completely new level.

The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Conference will bring stakeholders in
education and training together to explore tried and tested tools and
templates in implementing RPL.

For financial people there is very little that compares to the feeling of
successfully utilising the excel application. On the contrary the ineffective use
of these functions can lead to immense frustration and time wasting. Jon von
der Heyden talks about what it means to master excel.

Sourcing the right training programme for your employees from a trustworthy
training provider is not an easy task. Eduloan's new Training Fund
Management service is there to take the stress out of the employee training

South African organisations are struggling to close the chasm between the
skills of employees and the competencies these employees need to use
complex enterprise business applications to their full potential.

An innovative educational initiative called "Open Mind? will offer short evening
courses for adults to stimulate their brains, feed their general knowledge and
enrich their lives.

An initiative will see management accounting practices become more
consistent around the world with the aim of helping organisations make
smarter and faster decisions says Samantha Louis, CIMA regional director.

The Decade of the Artisan programme, launched by the Department of Higher
Education and Training aims to place artisanship as a career of choice for
young people, with the goal of producing 30 000 artisans annually.


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