Find a training course or training program to further your education and skills development in South Africa. The Skills Portal hosts dozens of accredited training institutions offering over 14000 training courses in over 40 different subject areas.

According to new findings from the Global Economic Conditions Survey, with global
economic recovery in sight, Africa has once again become the most business-
confident region in the world.

Just how qualified do you think South African CEO’s are? And what should you study if
your aim is to be the CEO one day? If your ambition is to head up major corporations
it is important to note the qualifications that successful business leaders hold.

Managers struggle with motivation and think that there is a magical formula that
needs to be followed in order to unlock it. According to Lizanne de Jong there is no
one size fits all approach.

A number of leading South African companies are combining resources and expertise
to launch South Africa’s first multi-media ICT Academy at the Community and
Individual Development Association (CIDA) City Campus.

In an effort to promote careers in the rail and transport industry Prasa will be
awarding bursaries to deserving female learners in the Eastern Cape province. South
Africa is faced with a shortage of rail skills and the bursaries are expected to help
meet the demand.

The South African youth have been called to "make something of their lives" through
the learnership opportunities offered by the BankSeta. These programmes offer skills
training and learner support to elected particpants.

In the past computer hacking has been associated with malicious intent and criminal
activity, but there is now a growing demand for ethical hackers who are employed to
protect an organisation’s IT system from dangerous intrusions.

Companies are governed by operating systems, and this defines the set of rules that
guide the behaviour of employees when they are under pressure or face difficulties in
the organisation? Helene Vermaak explains this concept.

E-learning will completely dominate the educational market in future, finding
application in most sized organisations, across a myriad of industries and sectors,
according Richard Rayne.

Is there a place for small talk in the workplace or are you just wasting your breath?
Communications specialist, Jen Mueller, defines a 'productive conversation' and
explains how to add value to business relationships through small talk.



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