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Call centres can be described as the cornerstones of the ICT sector and a great starting place for young people who are interested in pursuing a career in IT. Dr Madelise Grobler talks about the need to prepare and equip non-graduates for this dynamic industry.

Do you know the difference between inbound and outbound call centres? Call centres are dynamic workplaces that require flexible and skilled employees. We investigate the definition of a standard call centre and the people who work in them.

Whether your workplace can be described as a modern office or whether you operate in a typical factory set up there are some basic guidelines every employer should follow when developing the company?s occupational health and safety plan.

The level of etiquette demonstrated by employees contributes significantly to the business image as it affects relations with customers, other businesses and staff. In fact every stakeholder group is impacted by business etiquette or the lack thereof.

The proposed 7 step programme for artisans presented by Higher Education and Training Deputy Minister Prof Hlengiwe Mkhize is set to become a fundamental part of the department?s strategy to further develop and assist artisans in the country.

If you can identify a product that is produced particularly well in your country, but does not yet exist in a country where it will be demanded, this provides a perfect business opportunity. Pierre Heistein talks about the purpose and benefits of trade.

The planning and execution of important events demands meticulous attention to detail and places great responsibility on the person or company engaged to manage them. Peta Daniel provides some pointers to producing the perfect event.

The welding profession offers many career opportunities to hard working, skilled labourers but the correct training for potential welders is an essential part of achieving a succesful career.

Rising pressures within inbound call centres to answer more calls in less time can sometimes outweigh the need to effectively assist customers. Follow these tips if you prize quality over quantity.



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