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While the matric results have opened doors for some, other high school
hopefuls have sadly discovered that they are not eligible to attend University.
The University of the People provides thousands of disappointed South African
High School graduates with new found hope.

If you are entering the job market, learning to speak a third language will
improve your skills set and increase your chances of securing employment in
the new year.

Umalusi accreditation is a status granted to a provider that has completed a
stringent quality assurance process that attests to the quality of training it

The annual salary survey for 2013, shows the positive impact of
qualifications on the earning potential and salary satisfaction of
accountants. It
also measures the ability to realise ambitions such as moving to a new
organisation, or working abroad.

Risk management is among the fastest growing fields in the finance sector
globally, and is set to continue this upward trend as companies recognise the
importance of protecting themselves through sound risk management

Cognisant of the fact that learners often struggle to make ends meet
because they are burdened by students loans, Fasset offers a National
Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) Loan Repayment Grant.

The budget is one of the most basic financial processes in business and
understanding how to create an accurate and successful budget is essential
for any manager today. Here are some tips to help you draw up a budget that

An innovative IT programme aims to equip students with cutting edge skills,
as well as the discipline, attitude and soft skills they need to gain a
advantage over the rest of the labour market.

Food security in South Africa is a major concern and initiatives such as the
Limani project have been designed to address this issue while incorporating
climate change adaptation and environmental education

Accountants typically rely on convergent thinking, which is premised on
following specific steps to obtain the answer, but there is a growing need to
adopt different styles of thinking.



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