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In order for a team to function effectively every team member must play their part.
This requires a thorough understanding of individual roles within the team and open
communication between members.

Today the German International School Cape Town celebrated the official opening of their new state-of-the-art two-level multimedia library as part of their 130th anniversary commemorations. The library is one of the new additions to the school which recently underwent an R18 million upgrade funded by the German Government.

The integrated resource plan presents South Africa with a significant challenge that is related to welding technology. Such a challenge includes the fabrication, construction, maintenance, inspection and testing of millions of components to ensure that they are safe, reliable and fit for purpose. utilises cost-cutting strategies which is beneficial to companies and project management. McManus Consulting in collaboration with Dac Systems has developed this system which combines technology and methodology application.

Traditional patriarchal structures must give way to more diverse approaches that
blend masculine and feminine values if we want to solve the new generation of
economic, social and environmental crises in the world.

Members of staff from the Afrikaanse Taal-en Kultuurvereniging have broadened their knowledge and their value to the company having recently completed a comprehensive business course, involving two key interventions, delivered by iLearn.

There are many companies who are sceptical about the use and success of online
learning programmes. However, e-learning is showing great growth in emerging
markets, where it is being recognised as a cost-effective solution to up skilling a fast-
growing workforce.

The ability to communicate effectively and work well with others can make or break
your career. Take the first step towards mastering assertive communications by
learning how to identify your personality type and manage your boundaries.

If the communication techniques are not giving us the results we want, then we
need to question the message. Are you sending the right message to the target
groups in your organisation?

There are seven elements of management that every manager needs to know and
understand in order to effectively perform their role in business.Richard Rayne,
Managing Director of iLearn, explains the 7M's of management.



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