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Learners are being encouraged to explore the different careers in science,
technology, maths and innovation, while also developing problem-solving skills
for their schools, homes and communities.

Mechanical engineering students had the opportunity to show off their talents
at the Sasol Baja SAE 2013 inter university design competition. Students were
challenged to design and build off-road vehicles.

The PPC Institute was established in 1924 and has been hosting the
biennial GiFA awards for over 40 years. These awards celebrate excellence
and innovation in architecture.

A new training institute aims to partner with industry to improve the general
calibre of professionals who are pursuing careers in logistics and supply chain
and related disciplines.

Government's decision to focus the country's resources on implementing the
National Development Plan has received support from Consulting Engineers
South Africa .

Social media and online platforms have made it easy for people to hide
technology while they issue inappropriate statements. Elaine Matchett
professionals to maintain a level of decorum when sending business emails.

Have you ever been in a situation where you didn?t believe what someone
was saying? Participants in a negotiation rarely disclose their full position so
to separate the truth from the lies is an essential skill.

South African firms are bracing themselves for the introduction of new
accounting standards which will address the issue of how they account for
revenue. While a great number of companies are aware of the impending
changes, far fewer are enamoured with the idea.

There?s no escaping change in the workplace today, in fact many companies
are redesigning workspaces or moving offices with the distinct purpose of
causing change.

Sometimes when we are under pressure and short on time it may seem
easier to give employees the answer or "tell? them what to do, but listening
is the best solution to any problem.


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