Find a training course or training program to further your education and skills development in South Africa. The Skills Portal hosts dozens of accredited training institutions offering over 14000 training courses in over 40 different subject areas.

Coaching is an essential part of achieving the maximum performance levels from your
employees. As a collaborative process, corporate coaching involves a relationship
based on mutual respect and rapport, in which individual skills and abilities are
recognised rather than diminished.

South Africa?s technology sector must renew efforts to address the need for sought-
after ICT skill sets as there is still a substantial amount that has to be done to
improve IT skills flow in the country.

Training Room 1 seats up to 18 learners and is available for R 650.
Training Room 2 seats up to 22 learners and is available for R 850.

Dac Systems, a national specialist services provider focused on turnkey implementations of leading edge industry solutions, in association with leading industry partners, Dell, Microsoft and Nokia, will officially launch a collaborative education solution called AlwaysOn-Learning

Before developing a training strategy in the workplace there are a few questions you
should ask. A great place to start is by identifying business goals and ensuring that
the organizational structure supports the business objectives.

IT forms a significant part of a business?s core competency and any comprehensive corporate governance strategy focusing on maximising value for all stakeholders must include IT. It also remains overlooked with requirements related to corporate governance.

How effective are our leaders in the ever changing and chaotic business environment
of the 21st century? Organisations need to ask this question if they hope to see the
business grow through optimum employee performance.

Van Schaik Book stores has launched a unique new e-textbook offering that provides an interactive educational tool for students. This new development will become a tool for educational engagement using embedded media such as audio and video.

Crucial Conversations a book about having the necessary tools for communicating in business relations has made the Publishers Weekly Bestsellers List. It is claimed that the books' continued success of the book reinforces the role crucial conversations has in every individual?s life.

AlwaysOn-Learning is a world first education solution that promotes the concept of
AlwaysOn-Learning and caters for three primary pillars in education -
institution/educator, learner and parent.



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