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Experts in managed ICT service delivery say that while companies continue to
seek out solutions to help them better manage their operations, there is a
shift towards a more customer-and people centric approach.

The multimedia industry is generating a plethora of job opportunities and
individuals who are interested in pursuing a successful career need bags of

Today more business people undertake small to medium sized projects as
part of achieving their business objectives and this skill has become essential
in almost every industry and profession.

Matriculants can access past papers free of charge through the social learning
platform known as Obami. This initiative demonstrates the power and
potential of online education.

Professionals will receive nationwide access to part-time, credit-bearing
courses through the new online programmes offered by the University of Cape

In a market defined by competition and service delivery, it makes sense to
implement a strategy that actively promotes the principle of agility in order to
optimise operations.

While English is recognized as the language of business many South Africans
who speak English in business do not speak it as their first language. This
could cause communication problems amongst staff and clients.

Teaching children the importance of saving, particularly during these
tough financial times, is the first step to creating financial freedom in a deb't-

Teaching children to recycle is a big part of creating a green economy. The
Aerosol Recycling Initiative (ARI) aims to create awareness about recycling
aerosol cans through an exciting new video.

A greater focus on creating equal opportunities for men and women in South
Africa is prompting more females to enter the artisan trade, which is widely
recognised as a male-dominated sector.


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