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A greater focus on creating equal opportunities for men and women in South
Africa is prompting more females to enter the artisan trade, which is widely
recognised as a male-dominated sector.

Many bloggers and even large organisations have chosen open source
systems and are using them successfully. However, free is not always the
best, or the cheapest option.

There are many issues in the macro-environment to deal with, but welding
remains a challenging and exciting industry to be in and offers a wide scope of
national and international career opportunities.

Few people know that by walking briskly for only 30 minutes five times a
week, they can increase their life expectancy and vastly reduce their chances
of developing heart disease, says the Heart and Stroke Foundation South

Project governance, in the context of effective project management in
business, is not a "whipping stick?, but rather an operating framework that is
proven and repeatable.

Contrary to popular opinion, investing on the JSE is easier and more
affordable than many people think. The key to becoming an investor is having
the necessary information, knowledge and financial advice at one?s disposal.

Projects tend to come and go, whereas the very best project managers can
leave a lasting legacy - if they follow a proven recipe, a guideline of what
constitutes quality from those in the know.

Being a customer service focused organisation is the single best way to
maintain and grow your business in the face of competition. Chris Herzov,
points out three things neither you or your employees should do when
dealing with your customers.

The statement by statistician-general Pali Lehohla that unhappiness is the
leading cause of hypertension is not only inaccurate; it creates a dangerous
illusion for South Africans.

Fasset?s 13th year of operation has proved to be another successful year for the
Finance and Accounting Seta. The Seta has met its NSDS III targets and has also
obtained a clean audit report for the 13th year in succession.



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