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No single organisation is able to solve the shortage of finance and accounting skills
within the public sector. Therefore ACCA has launched the public sector forum which
brings together professional bodies to address this challenge.

The world of investment can be daunting. Faced with unfamiliar concepts and
the thought of potentially losing hard-earned cash, many would prefer to hide their
money under the proverbial mattress.

In almost every sphere of business there is an increasing focus on offering customised
products to customers. This is no less relevant in the training sector where individuals
learn and grow at different rates. Tabitha Bailey talks about the concept of "adaptive

A contact centre survey which will provide much needed information on the issues
around talent, talent management as well as remuneration in the business process
services and outsource (BPSandO) sector, has been launched by Hay Group South

Empowering and upskilling individuals has its own rewards but the College of
Production Technology received the added benefit of being the only training company
to win the Achiever Award for the second time in a row.

Are you health conscious? Research shows that many South Africans are surprisingly
unaware when it comes to the state of their health, especially about common
ailments like high blood pressure, obesity that lead to heart diseases.

Lee Anne Andrew is the first female qualified boilermaker in the FET College Sector.
"To all the females that will embark on the path of becoming boilermakers, nothing is
impossible, if I can do it then you can do it too. Be the best in this male dominated
field and show the men how it should be done.'

City and Guilds launched their new International Diplomas in Hairdressing which has been
customised for the South African market. The qualifications are designed to meet the requirements of the hairdressing industry in South Africa.

A new study on SA smoking is set to cause waves internationally due to its novel
research technique - and the detailed information it reveals about how smoking
increases the risk of contracting fatal diseases.

Despite the increase in engineering students very few hold ambitions of becoming
municipal engineers. Imesa urges government and tertiary institutions to endorse the
attractiveness of the the municipal engineering profession.



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