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The Department of Labour calls on taxi operators to register with the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) before the month end deadline. The South African Revenue Service (SARS) is currently offering tax amnesty to small businesses including taxi operators with a turnover of R10 million. The amnesty is set to expire on 31 May 2007.

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has raised concerns about the rampant rate of discrimination in the workplace. "Although progress had been made at combating discrimination in the workplace, rising gender disparities in income and other forms of discrimination including age, sexual orientation and HIV and AIDS status were a cause for growing concern,' said ILO in a new report.

English is the main language of communication in South Africa as it is the language that most people from different groups are likely to understand. But for those working in the tourism sector it is particularly important to ensure that foreign visitors can also understand the particular brand of English that we speak. It is a critical skills for the tourism sector.

The UCT Graduate School of Business is launching a landmark programme to address a key skills shortage in middle to senior management in the South African Business Process Outsourcing and Contact Centre industry. The skills shortage has been identified in recent research studies on the local industry.

Faculty Training Institute (FTI) has launched a Saturday version of its popular Diploma in Business Analysis course. The Saturday programme, which will fast-track its normal 6-month course into an intensive 4-month experience, is primarily aimed at contractors and consultants who prefer to attend training outside of normal working hours.

Training provider Sport DNA has launched a series of short courses to equip soccer coaches, referees, administrators and managers with up to date skills and techniques. They hope the courses will encourage passionate footballers to establish clubs and also increase participation in current teams.

Damelin has launched a new brand identity that reflects their determination to lead and inspire as a survey finds that their graduates are the most employable in South Africa.

The UCT Graduate School of Business Centre for Coaching has launched South Africa's first year-long Professional Coaching Course, a move that will dramatically increase the options available to individuals wanting to pursue a career in coaching.

The Department of Education has opened the application process for private training providers who offer courses at the Further Education level.

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