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It is common practice for assessors to be paid 50% of their fee on assessment and the remainder when moderation and verification have been completed, writes Nigel Shipston. "In what way does moderation of assessment affect the payment of assessors for their services?", adds Shipston who believes that the practice could lead to abuse of the system.

COOL IDEAS runs Assessor training as a public course, on a monthly basis or as an in-house course, provided there is a minimum of 5 learners.

COOL IDEAS are specialist in the field of Occupationally-Directed Education, Training and Development Practices, as well as development of high quality training and assessment materials.

Time management and self-management are two skills which once mastered can have the single-most impact on overall job performance and effectiveness. They are essential skills for all successful people irrespective of your career choice.

Adding to governments mandate to create and attract critical skills, 261 Tshwane Metro Police recruits have received National Certificates in Policing (NQF Level 5). The Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality is the first to pilot outcomes-based NQF Level 5 qualification for its metro police officers.

In 1981, an illness among gay men was discovered in the United States. These men had developed unusual conditions like chest infections and skin disorders that their immune systems were not coping with.

HIV spreads through intimate sexual contact and through contact with HIV positive blood and other body fluids. The first step is for the virus to gain entry into the target cell. Once inside the cell the virus will begin to reproduce


To better understand what HIV and AIDS is and how they relate it is necessary to look at a few definitions.

The question of attitude is one of the greatest and perhaps the most worrying problems related to HIV/AIDS. We need to consider our personal attitude, and the attitudes of others, towards the disease and those suffering from the disease. What is your attitude to those who have been infected?

A sexually transmitted infection or STI is transmitted or passed on to another person through sexual activity. Bacteria, viruses or parasites cause STI's.



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