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While it is hard for some to separate "intimacy' and foreplay from "sex', intimacy itself is far more than just the physical act of making love with your partner. In order to have an intimate relationship with another person there must be trust, communication, closeness and a feeling of empathy and understanding between the partners.

In order to make an informed or educated decision about having an HIV test it is important to understand what is involved, why you should have a test, or why not. This is one of the reasons for counselling. There are emotional issues to deal with.

Many people who are HIV positive are living longer now than in the past. HIV is not an immediate death sentence. There is a great deal that can be done to live a happy and healthy life for a number of years.

Public speaking is the worlds 3rd biggest phobia!
Yet it is the most natural, thing for humans to communicate to each other.

As the skills shortage bites, companies are not only boosting training budgets but bringing trainers into their offices rather than sending employees out
A fast growing economy with dramatic skills shortages has seen companies and government boost training budgets -

It has been with some degree of interest that we have observed the "flood' of training activity that has revolved around the development of Assessor and Moderator capacity in organizations over the last few years. Admittedly these two roles are vital in the context of the NQF system - particularly in terms of preserving standards and quality within education, training and development.

Ivor Blumenthal sees the assessors and moderators operating within the services sector as, 'the true soldiers for skills development in this country". While some might argue that a good assessor can assess learners in any subject - the Services Seta CEO believes that a 'constituency' system brings greater accountability.

What are Consumer Rights, and how do you deal with this interesting but often misunderstood sector? Howard Badler of Customer Care Training and Consulting takes us through the standards, and discusses the responsibilities you have to your customer.

Assessment College share with use their 11 principles of assessment.

What every assessor should know - the ten commandments provided by Assessment College.



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