Find a training course or training program to further your education and skills development in South Africa. The Skills Portal hosts dozens of accredited training institutions offering over 14000 training courses in over 40 different subject areas.

Consciousness Coaching® is based on the fundamental belief that you have within you all the potential resources you need to achieve the things you desire. Awakening these potentials and developing them into skills and powers is one of the aims of coaching.

Sacha Sorrell from Real Training gives their perspective on coaching.

Holistic Advancement look into the various stages of learning, and explain how their product will help to engage your workforce with their workplace in a new and more productive way.

Ten aspiring carpenters hope to start their own businesses after graduating from the Furniture Technology Centre (Furntech). The students attended a six week training programme at the Furntech in White River, Mpumalanga, after being awarded bursaries of R10 000 each by the provincial Department of Economic Development and Planning.

In the knowledge economy, companies are increasingly faced with a rapidly changing business environment, dictated in part by globalisation that in turn enforces an adapt-or-die marketplace.

In the second instalment of a three-part investigation into the importance of skills training, CBM Training's Sandra Inman looks at why training has become increasingly important in South Africa over the past few years, as well as areas of demand and current local trends...

In the third part of her article on the importance for businesses to
focus on skills development and the role of the Unions in the process, Sandra Inman, Assistant Managing Director of CBM Training delves into the challenges facing businesses looking for training companies, pitfalls to look out for, and Future trends...

A public-private partnership with government aims to encourage long-term savings for education, as well as access to Further Education Training (FET) colleges and universities. The scheme will see the state match the regular monthly savings that parents invest for their children?s education at university or FET college.

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has raised concerns about the rampant rate of discrimination in the workplace. "Although progress had been made at combating discrimination in the workplace, rising gender disparities in income and other forms of discrimination including age, sexual orientation and HIV and AIDS status were a cause for growing concern,' said ILO in a new report.

A number of nursing colleges in Gauteng that were closed are to be re-opened in an effort to produce more nurses. "I am pleased to announce that we have decided to reopen some of the colleges currently not in operation, this will allow us to produce more nurses in shorter periods,' Gauteng Health MEC Brian Hlongwa said.



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