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Changing careers can be a necessary step in advancing yourself. However, there is always a possibility of it not going in your favour if not done right, and that can have dire consequences. 

These days, so many people start their careers by taking the first job they’re qualified for. It’s all about finally earning a salary and putting themselves out there. They may move around to different companies, chasing a better salary and a higher position. But taking the first job you're offered, by lead you down the wrong career path. 

Choosing the right career can be difficult. Where do you start? The traditional three-step career plan is outdated. Graduate from college, get a job and work your way up the corporate ladder for the next 40 years. Today’s professionals switch job titles frequently, toggling between many companies, teams and industries throughout the course of their careers. But how do you make the right career choice?

So you've sent off your CV and have now been called in for an interview. The interview process is arguably the most nerve-wrecking part, and rightfully so. Read on for some tips and tricks on how to deal with the job interview process.

Standing out from the crowd can be difficult. This week in How to Stand Out as a Job Seeker, we take a look at LinkedIn and how you can use this social network to improve your chances of being hired.

For some, becoming a fireman is more than a childhood fantasy, it is the reality they have dreamed about all their lives. Here is everything you need to know if you're considering becoming a fireman.

Writing a cover letter may feel like a hassle, but it's arguably one of the most important parts of the job application process. Let's take a look at how to write the best cover letter you possibly can.

In this week's article of 'How to Stand Out as a Job Seeker', we look at ‘soft skills’ and how they can help you nail that job application and interview process. But first, what are soft skills and how should you use them? Let’s take a look.

Your team may be lacking energy and perhaps you're looking to increase their motivation and productivity. This is not done by giving your staff energy drinks first thing in the morning. Contrary to popular belief, Red Bull doesn't give you actual wings and no, you will not be able to fly through the work day keeping everything intact.

Are you ready for a change and considering a step in a different direction? If this is the case, this is a great opportunity for new journey and to further explore your career. 

The prospect of rejoining the workforce can feel intimidating if you have been out of the job market for a while. Follow these tips to improve your chances of finding employment.

Hiring new staff members is never easy. You have to sift through an excessive amount of CVs, just to find a handful of decent candidates. Not to mention the lengthy interview process where you have to weed out the bad seeds through a series of meetings. Finally, you pick an applicant and cross your fingers that you’ve made the right choice.

Changing jobs can be a positive step for many, but if it's done at the wrong time or for the wrong reasons it could be a move that you'll later regret. This is why it is best that you give a great amount of thought into whether you should change jobs and when it is the ideal time to make the switch.

Recently appointed Managing Partner of Baker McKenzie in Johannesburg, South Africa, Lerisha Naidu, plans to implement a new way of working in the legal sector, ensuring that all contributors to the working environment are able to show up as their true selves.


The following core competencies are set out in the Department of Higher Education’s Competency Framework for Career Development Practitioners in South Africa, 2016.

Mid-life is a time when many people reassess their priorities and decide to make a career change. The Covid-19 pandemic has also prompted employees of all ages to rethink their career paths, either due to personal preferences, or because of retrenchment and a shortage of work options.




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