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Government is working hard to reach its target of vaccinating 67% of the country’s population by the end of this year. Many local companies have also instituted vaccine mandates for employees who want to return to the office. Ian McAlister, General Manager at CRS Technologies, discusses some of the legal issues surrounding this.

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There is little doubt that the cracks around COVID-19 are starting to show. From rapid lockdown regulations to hybrid models of working, organisations have been juggling changing rules and safety protocols for nearly two years.

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Schools in the Northern Cape have reported 339 new Covid-19 cases among teachers, learners and support staff over the last week. This has led to the closure of six schools in the province.

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Government has decided to fast track the vaccine rollout by allowing people in the 18-35 age group to register and be vaccinated. 

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The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) and the National Immunisation Safety Expert Committee have reassured the public that both the Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccines are safe to use.

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The COVID-19 vaccine debate has never been hotter. Take it, say the medical professionals and the vaccine believers. No, say the vaccine debaters and naysayers, influenced by social media and complex healthcare concerns. It’s a debate that has broken up families and friendships, and is now posing a very real threat to the stability of the workplace. It’s also one that has slipped into a grey area where organisation and individual stand at an impasse as work from home becomes work from office and the vaccinated and the unvaccinated face a stand-off.

Good news, the vaccine rollout is on track and more of the population will be vaccinated within the next few months. 

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The South African vaccine rollout is moving along and the next qualifying age group should gear up for a jab. 

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The government has been concerned over the number of people interested in the vaccine rollout, and are working on strategies to encourage more people to participate.

South Africa Continues With Covid-19 Vaccination Rollout

As more vaccine doses become available, government is concerned over the unwillingness of people to get vaccinated



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