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South Africa Continues With Covid-19 Vaccination Rollout

As more vaccine doses become available, government is concerned over the unwillingness of people to get vaccinated

Johnson And Johnson Vaccine Effectiveness Against Delta Variant

A study on vaccine efficacy against COVID-19 variants has shown that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine works better against the Delta variant, and gets better over time with both Delta and Beta variants.

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The Department of Basic Education is currently celebrating its first successful day of the vaccine rollout. 

President Cyril Ramaphosa

President Cyril Ramaphosa has called on vaccine nationalism to come to an end. The President recently took some time to shed light on the unequal access that developed countries have had to the Covid-19 vaccine. 


After a few delays in the vaccine rollout for teachers, things are expected to be back on track soon. 

After much debate about the vaccination of employees, the Department of Employment and Labour has reached a decision.

Covid-19 vaccines

The American Food and Drug Administrator (FDA) has decided to not clear the Johnson&Johnson vaccine for administration after some batches were declared to have been contaminated. 



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