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The education department has announced several changes in the hope of improving education outcomes in South Africa. One significant change has been revealed in the 2024 school calendar covering school terms and school holidays.

Annually, government presents its Budget for the year, highlighting plans of expenditure for the financial year going forward. This year's Budget Speech focused on a number of areas of concern, including the education sector.

Although the 2023 school year is in full swing, many learners have been unable to make it to school due to the continuous blockage of learner transport. 

A sizeable portion of Grade 1 learners have entered the school system for the first time this year, but sadly, a large number of that group will not make it to the end of matric. Many of South Africa's children are meant to be inside a classroom everyday, but some have chosen not to do so and have instead found themselves on other paths. 

The increasing number of pregnant teenage girls in schools has become quite concerning. During a gathering recently held in Kimberley, it emerged that the school dropout rate due to pregnancy is also on the rise. 

Frustrations are building amongst parents whose children are still unplaced within Gauteng schools for Grades 1 and 8, with many feeling that having to apply online is where the root of the problem lies. 

The school year has officially began and many are already looking forward to upcoming holidays and school breaks. Here's all you need to know about 2023 school terms.

Former Democratic Alliance leader, Mmusi Maimane took to Twitter to call for Life Orientation to be removed from the school curriculum, but the Basic Education Department has rejected the idea and defended why it should stay.

As teaching and learning resume for this year, South Africans continue to be hit by the rolling blackouts. The disruptions that come with the continuous loadshedding impacts households, businesses and even schools.

Schools have reopened for the 2023 academic year, but administrative operations were interrupted by the appearance of political parties on school grounds. The Western Cape Education Department has firmly shut this down.

With the release of the 2022 matric results around the corner, Mmusi Maimane is calling for the current pass rate to be changed. More than 1000 signatures have been recorded on the petition currently circulating.

The Western Cape Department of Education has hit a success in regards to how many learners have been placed in schools for the 2023 school year. However, late applications is still an issue plaguing the Department. 

Experts within the Basic Education Sector have raised concerns over the looming shortage of teachers in South Africa that is expected in the near future. However, the Department of Basic Education says that this is not the case, as their data shows the opposite of a shortage.

Stakeholders and members of the public have been invited to have their say on the proposed 2026 school calendar released by South Africa’s education department. The department will consider the input of the public before the proposed school calendar is approved.


The education department's newly approved school calendar reveals when learners around South Africa will return to the classroom in 2025. It also details how many days learners will spend in the classroom, the number of public holidays they will enjoy and when the school year will end.

The BELA Bill, introduced to Parliament as a draft, has raised concerns amongst a few groups working within in the school community, but the Education Department says satisfactory progress is being made. 

Despite thousands of unplaced learners at Gauteng schools for Grades One and Eight, a larger and more significant group has found successful placement for 2023. However, the number of unplaced learners worries both parents and the Department, who are concerned about school capacity and learner accommodation.


According to research, nearly half of the country’s publicly employed teachers are above the age of 50, meaning that there will be a large number of teachers retiring between now and 2030. Young educators are the key to solving this issue, but many of the youth show a disinterest in the teaching profession. 

Educators have embarked on a march, protesting and demanding to know why they are still unemployed if there are thousands of opening teaching positions, according to the Department of Education. 

The Gauteng Department of Education is on a mission to uncover and shut down bogus schools operating in the province. The mission has proved a tiresome activity for the department, and has raised serious concerns.




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