Cyril Ramaphosa

President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced a gamechanger to make South Africa's electricity generation more stable.

Eskom has warned that loadshedding will remain a possibility, as the power system remains constrained.

Eskom has decided to suspend loadshedding, as some units have been repaired. 

power station

Eskom will be continuing with loadshedding for the rest of this week, moving from stage 2 loadshedding to stage 1 loadshedding. 

Eskom has had its ups and downs as the national supplier of electricity. The power utility has even managed to rake up a debt of R488 billion and plans are in motion to save it. 

South Africa has been using coal to produce electricity for years, but it has proven to be unsustainable along with the many setbacks faced by Eskom. Now, more sustainable forms of energy are being considered.


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