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Koeberg Nuclear Power station will be offline

After almost 15 months of uninterrupted operation, Unit 2 of the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station will be taken offline on Monday.

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It is expected that load shedding will conclude at 9PM on Friday which will see South Africans have an uninterrupted power supply, at least until Eskom says otherwise.

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South Africans will have to make the necessary provisions in the different areas of their lives to lessen the impact of load shedding.

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Last week the Department of Basic Education (DBE) met with Eskom's leadership to deliberate on the challenges faced by Grade 12 students caused by load shedding. 

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South Africa’s power utility Eskom has a difficult month. It seemed as if everyday they would release a statement announcing the loss of additional generation capacity.

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South Africans are currently experiencing stage three loadshedding, and with the frequency of the blackouts, some organisations are calling for Eskom CEO Andre De Ruyter to resign.

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On Monday, South African power utility Eskom announced that stage four load shedding would be implemented until the end of the week.

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South Africans will have to continue to put up with rolling blackouts for at least the next week, says the country's power utility Eskom.

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Earlier this year it was revealed that South Africa’s power utility Eksom, was the highest greenhouse gas emitting company in Africa.

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South Africans could soon find themselves back in the dark after Eskom has issued a statement calling for South Africans to use electricity sparingly, as the threat of load shedding looms large over the country.



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