Woman with a pregnancy test

Teenage pregnancy rates are on a constant rise, this has sparked conversations among children's rights experts and parents. Some children's rights experts even question whether the laws that are meant to be protecting children are being implemented. 

Personal Finance planning

It is official, the South African Reserve Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) has decided to increase the repo by 25 basis points which will see the repo rate rise to 3.75% per year.

The impact of technology on the world over the past two decades has been unsurpassed, with countless industries being disrupted by technological advances and developments. Over the past five years, this impact has become prevalent in the established financial sector, with emerging technologies increasingly affecting incumbent businesses and their clients.

South African’s recently commemorated Freedom Day, a celebration of our nation’s struggle for democracy. But how many of us are truly free?

Starting a business and forging a new frontier can be a lonely task and the entrepreneur needs support.


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