A disruptive employee can influence company performance, reduce productivity, and upset fellow employees to the extent that they may leave. It is important for employers not to ignore an incompatibiiy problem, and before dismissing an employee - ensure that evidence has been obtained to confirm that the employee is the source of the incompatibility. Ivan Israelstam quotes a number of cases that illustrate how employers have gone wrong in the past. 

Ivan Israelstam

The South African Constitution and the Employment Equity Act are very clear on the grounds that may give rise to unfair discrimination. Not all discrimination is unfair. Employers constantly make choices, for example: on who to appoint, who to promote, who qualifies for a company car, and many similar decisions. It is the fairness and objective grounds upon which the decisions are based that matters. Ivan Israelstam explains further what is required of an employer.

Human resource practitioners will be aware of the saying that one employs for qualifications and dismisses for behaviour. Individuals who have been model employees may suddenly start behaving in uncharacteristic ways, brought on by personal relationship problems, trauma, or forms of physical or mental illness. No matter how frustrating the behaviour may be for the employer Ivan Israelstam explains why it is critical that employers behave correctly.

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