level load shedding



More than 960 hours and counting. This is the number of hours of loadshedding that South Africans have been subjected to so far this year. This amounts to 40 days of rolling blackouts.


Eskom's latest announcement means South Africans are in for a dark weekend ahead. Loadshedding will also be escalated to stage 6 at 2 PM on Thursday and will remain in place until Friday morning.


South African power utility Eskom has announced stage 6 loadshedding will commence at 4 PM on Tuesday. Here’s what it means for the country.


South African power utility Eskom have revealed that loadshedding will continue throughout this coming week as the country faces a continued shortage of generation capacity.


Charge your phones, laptops and power banks, Eskom has announced that loadshedding will be implemented for at least the next week.


Rolling blackouts have plagued South Africa for the last few weeks and despite the current reprieve, sudden outages could plunge the country into darkness again.


South Africans have been dealing with rolling blackouts for the past two weeks, however, there may be light at the end of the proverbial tunnel as the electricity supply stabilises.


After rolling blackouts last week, South Africans received reprieve as the country’s power utility Eskom announced that loadshedding will not impact April's longest weekend, which had two public holidays. 

South Africans will have to brace for further disruptions to the electricity supply after power utility Eskom announced that it will be increasing the frequency of power cuts to ensure the stability of the power grid.


South Africans were caught by surprise on Monday when the country’s power utility, Eskom announced loadshedding just minutes before the nation was plunged into darkness. 

South Africans are once again dealing with interruptions to electricity supply after Eskom announced the move to stage 4 loadshedding. 

South Africa has once again been plunged into darkness after its power utility Eskom implemented stage 2 loadshedding.

South Africa’s power utility Eskom will be allowed to increase the tariffs on electricity by almost 10%, however, this is not what they were hoping for. 

South Africans will once again have to live life without electricity after its power utility has announced loadshedding will continue until next week.

South Africans are being warned to use electricity sparingly as power supply in the country will be under strain in the coming months as a generation unit has been taken offline. 

If South Africa’s power utility has their way, the cost of electricity in the country will leave many of its citizens in the dark. 

After almost 15 months of uninterrupted operation, Unit 2 of the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station will be taken offline on Monday.

It is expected that load shedding will conclude at 9PM on Friday which will see South Africans have an uninterrupted power supply, at least until Eskom says otherwise.

South Africans will have to make the necessary provisions in the different areas of their lives to lessen the impact of load shedding.

Last week the Department of Basic Education (DBE) met with Eskom's leadership to deliberate on the challenges faced by Grade 12 students caused by load shedding.