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Buses are an important part of the public transportation industry in South Africa. However, they may not be transporting passengers come to the end of the week, as they gear up to strike.


Wage increase negotiations have been ongoing between the government and unions representing workers in the public sector. The breakdown of the most recent final offer brought before unions has been clarified.


Public service worker unions and the government are yet to come to a wage increase agreement, despite months of negotiations. The next few weeks are therefore crucial if industrial action is to be prevented.


Ministers, deputy ministers and parliamentarians will be pleased after President Cyril Ramphosa accepted recommendations which will result in an increase in their remuneration. However, the move has not been well received.


A Constitutional Court decision which absolved the government from honouring a multi-year public sector wage increase was taken on the chin by unions and workers alike. However, the fight for increases has just begun with a 10% increase being demanded.


After strikes from e-hailing drivers and a provincial taxi strike in the Western Cape, South Africa’s public transport system could soon find itself under major strain after a union revealed that a nationwide bus strike could be on the horizon. 


The Constitutional Court's dismissal, in late February 2022, of the public service unions' appeal over the 2018 wage agreement with the South African government marks the end of a long legal battle that began in 2018. 

A tough next round of wage negotiations has been set up after public sector unions lost a court bid that will see their members lose out on the third year increases of the collective wage agreement reached in 2018.

Since October 5 there, It is estimated that the steel and metal industry has lost more than R500 million in revenue. This as workers in the industry have been striking around the country for an 8% increase.

The Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) is calling for a national strike on Thursday, October 7th 2021. They are calling on their workers to join their marchers or to stay away from work.

The National Union of Metal Workers of South Africa (NUMSA) has said it will be going ahead with a plan for a nationwide strike which will continue until all their demands are met.




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