DHET meeting with students at SAUS

Calls for a national shutdown of university campuses have been removed but the national union of student SRCs stlll has demands for the registation of students at universities across the country.

Minister responsible for Higher Education, Dr Blade Nzimande has announced the funding amounts and procedures for funded students at public colleges and universities in 2020.

The government has called for public comments on its proposals for the future of the skills development system, and the 21 Setas that promote skills training in the workplace.

Government are still discussing how to fully fund the nation's universities next year after the announcement that there will be no increase in fees. R2.3 billion is needed to cover the shortfall with the government expected to contribute R2bn and the universities to find the additional nearly R400million.

Higher Education and Training Minister Dr Blade Nzimande will soon release a document to start a public debate on the future of the Setas. While the structure of the Seta system might change, he was clear when speaking to the media that he does not believe the answer is to ditch the Setas.


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