petrol price increase



Motorists could be in for a nasty surprise at fuel pumps with the temporary relief measure to reduce the price of petrol, set to conclude at the end of May.


Depending on the vehicle you drive, the May 2022 fuel adjustments will either be a welcomed relief or an unpleasant surprise.


 an increase in the price of fuel may be unanimously frowned upon, the increase set to take effect on Wednesday could have been much worse for motorists. 


The first two months of 2022 have been extremely painful for motorists as the price of petrol surged to record highs. 

Motorists will be feeling the pain at the pumps after the fuel adjustments were announced. Here's how much more you’ll be paying for petrol, diesel paraffin and LP gas. 

With the price of fuel set to reach record highs in March, South Africa’s finance minister has announced a first step which could see the price of petrol drop in the country. 

South Africans are warned to brace for another big increase in the price of fuel as we enter the third month of 2022. 

After a torrid end to 2021 where fuel prices increased by more than R5 over the year, motorists breathed a sigh of relief when the price decreased in January. 

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is a monthly measurement where the price of a range of consumer products are measured. The difference in the price of a good is its inflation.

Motorists will be breathing a sigh of relief at the pumps where the price of petrol will decrease between 68c and 71c for both grades of petrol per litre. 

Over the past two months, the price of fuel has increased by around R2 per litre. This has resulted in increased calls for the government to revise how the price of fuel is calculated in South Africa.

Motorists will be paying 75 cents more per litre of petrol from December 1 2021. 

Motorists will once again be forking out more at the pumps as petrol prices will increase at midnight. 

Last week the price of petrol increased by more than 121c per litre. The basic price of petrol is now 81% more expensive than it was ten years ago.

Last month the Automobile Association (AA) predicted that the price of fuel could increase by as much as 99c per litre, unfortunately, the increase is much higher than predicted.

South Africans are in for a painful surprise as fuel prices are expected to increase by record numbers in November 2021.

As of September 1 2021, motorists will be paying an extra 4 cents per litre of petrol. This increase has come as a surprise to many as it was predicted that the price of petrol would drop by around 11 c/l. The price of Diesel has decreased by aound 14 cents per litre. 

International Petroleum prices have increased significantly, as a result South Africans anticipate an increase in for this internationally imported resource.