Protected Disclosures Act

What is "whistle-blowing" , and when is it protected? This week Ivan Israelstam explains what legislation protects employees: not just the Protected Disclosures Act, but also the Labour Relations Act. Then Ivan  looks at cases, where the employee has disclosed information, and explains how the Labour Court and the Labour Appeal Court have dealt with such cases. 

Ivan Israelstam

What is a whistle blower? This week Ivan Israelstam addresses the Protected Disclosures Act, and how it affects employers and employees. Ivan provides examples from cases indicating how the court seeks to protect both employers and employees.

The Protected Disclosures Act protects an employee who "blows the whistle" on company non-compliance. In addition, an employer who takes disciplinary action against an employee for whistleblowing may find that they have committed an unfair labour practice in terms of the Labour Relations Act. Ivan Israelstam explains what happened in some relevant cases.


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