Sometimes employees do come in to work and declare that they are resigning with immediate effect. This can be for a number of personal reasons, irritation with management, and so on.  This week Ivan Israelstam explains the potential implications for employers when this occurs.

In any workplace there will be grievances from time to time. Employers may think that because there is no specific labour law describing how to handle grievances, that employee grievances may be ignored. However, where there is a pattern of grievances over a period of time employers are well advised to take these seriously, and investigate the circumstances of each complaint. Failure to do so may lead to various adverse effects upon the employer. Ivan Israelstam explains further.

What are the required notice periods when an employee resigns? What rights does an employer have when an employee simply gives "instant" notice - or fails to work in their notice? How should an employer respond? These are the questions that Ivan Israelstam deals with this week.


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