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If you are hoping to receive a Sassa social grant you should be running a Sassa status check on the official Sassa website. When you perform the Sassa status check you will receive information on which months you will be paid and which months you won't.

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Thousands of grant beneficiaries struggled to access their social grants during the final months of 2022. The department has revealed why grant payment challenges occurred.

Millions of people will be without any government assistance within the next twelve months when the Social Relief of Distress grant’s implementation is ended. Experts argue that the grant can be made permanent in a way that is economically sustainable.


Millions of vulnerable people apply for the Social Relief of Distress grant monthly. It has been revealed why millions of unsuccessful applicants were rejected from receiving the crucial relief mechanism.


More than 18 million people receive social grants from the South African Social Security Agency monthly. The agency is exploring options that could lead to the more efficient payment of grants.


The Sassa Social Relief of Distress grant is an invaluable source of income for millions of financially strained South Africans. However, following months of delayed payments and resulting backlogs, Sasssa claims to have addressed all related issues after receiving millions of applications for the grant.   

The annual budget speech is always much anticipated, with citizens and organisations hoping to have their concerns addressed. The most recent budget speech has left one organisation unimpressed with the budget allocations. 

It appears that Sassa’s Social Relief of Distress grant has become a measure of the country's level of income disparity among the youth. This follows reports that a significant portion of applications received in January were tertiary graduates.  

The government appears to have acknowledged the crucial role of the 350 grant, as billions are due to be allocated towards its extension. However, the finance ministry has also indicated that it is likely to affect other sectors of the state's budget allocation.

With the persistent rise in the cost of living for much of the country's population, those that rely on disbursements of Sassa social grants will be pleased to know there has been an increase in their monthly grant payouts.

As many R350 grant recipients may be aware, the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has various payment collection methods available for the grant, with the cash-send payment method highly recommended as it is much more efficient and secure. 

The third month of the year is on the horizon and for beneficiaries of Sassa social grants, this means that their monthly payout is on its way. 

According to the Department of Social Development, millions of R350 grant recipients can expect to receive their grant payments. However, the agency has also acknowledged some of the difficulties that have resulted in grant payment delays.

South Africa is currently faced with a triple threat of hunger, poverty and unemployment. The government has announced that work is being done to make sure that there is financial support to help vulnerable individuals.

Long and tedious queues outside Sassa offices have become the norm. It is for this reason that there have been calls to revisit the government agency’s system.


Some civic society groups have claimed that South Africa is currently faced with a triple threat of hunger, poverty and unemployment. It is for this reason that the government has responded by continuing one of its social grants.


The Social Relief of Distress grant was introduced by the government to reduce the economic effects that came with the Covid-19 pandemic. The grant has since been extended a number of times, and with each extension, there have been growing calls for the grant amount to be increased.


South Africa is among many countries around the globe that are faced with high levels of both unemployment and poverty.  This was further exacerbated by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, and it is for this reason that there has an increase in calls for permanent solution for individuals who are in needed of government assistance.


Sassa has approved millions of clients to receive grant payments for the Social Relief of Distress grant. However, some have not yet received their payments.


Social grant payments were interrupted by suspicious activity that had been picked up by the Postbank in December 2022 The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has since introduced new measures to protect recipients of one of its grants.


The Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant is recognised as a crucial support mechanism for unemployed individuals living in South Africa. However, some of the grant applicants have complained about inconsistency in the approval of grant payments.





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