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Skills courses offer numerous benefits to individuals seeking to acquire new abilities and improve their knowledge in various fields. Academy Training Group provides some insight into the many benefits of doing a skills course.

Skills courses are short learning programmes that focus on developing a specific skill or competency for a particular purpose. They are found in all fields, and can be offered by various providers, such as universities, colleges, companies, or professional associations.

Innovation often stems from a unique perspective and a fresh outlook on the future. This has been the driving force for the partnership between EduPower, a leading training provider and the branded merchandise company, JIMBU.

Most business leaders and HR professionals agree that business success depends on employee performance. It makes sense that developing your employees should be a strategic imperative. However, a shift from employee development to performance may be what your business––and your people need­––to make it possible to reach your goals.



No more than 20 years ago, the idea of virtual and augmented reality shaping the automotive sector would have seemed absurd. But this is indeed the “reality” that has come to pass. There are now systems in place that negate the need for a trip to the mechanic when a check-light illuminates on the dashboard.

The world is on the brink of the Fifth Industrial Revolution, an era of unparalleled technological advancements that will reshape our lives and work. The fifth industrial revolutions builds on the foundations laid by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

In today's fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, organisations need to adapt and grow continuously to stay competitive. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by fostering a learning culture within the organisation.

In today's competitive job market, having technical skills and knowledge is no longer sufficient to succeed in the workplace. Employers increasingly recognize the significance of soft skills, personal traits and abilities that enable individuals to work well with others.

It's important for any professional to network, as this will not only help you connect to as many people as possible in your respective industry, but these are connections that can help elevate your career.


While the unemployment rate remains alarmingly high in South Africa, there are other routes to follow on your search to finding employment, such as embarking on a learnership and studying a trade. 

South Africa’s young population continues to be severely affected by unemployment and remains disengaged from the labour market. Economists believe that some skills are critical in improving employment and finding stable jobs.  

Skills training programmes play an important role in ensuring that people are equipped with the necessary skills to better develop themselves. This is particularly the case for South Africans living with disabilities.   

If you've got your eye on a promotion or are looking to better your skills set for the job market, undergoing training in a specific field or a specific skill can be helpful for your career in the long run, and will look good on your CV. 

South Africa needs at least 60% of school leavers to pursue artisan-type training to meet the country’s demand for scarce skills. The government is working on tackling the shortage that has persisted over the past few years.


As technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace and become infused across all aspects of the business, companies are increasingly under pressure to remain competitive by attracting the best tech talent available. As is seen by large multinationals such as Accenture, General Motors, IBM and LinkedIn, among others, this strategy includes a greater focus on skills-based hiring.

If you are a wordsmith that is looking into using the skill of writing for marketing purposes, then copywriting might be what you're looking for in your career path. A number of institutions offer training for this qualification, some of them flexible enough for working professionals.


Changing careers can be a necessary step in advancing yourself. However, there is always a possibility of it not going in your favour if not done right, and that can have dire consequences. 

Almost one half of South African youth are unemployed . The president of the country believes the introduction of new subjects at schools could reduce the worrying youth unemployment rate.


The world of work has changed dramatically over the last few years as technology advanced and the pandemic forced employers and employees to redefine what work looks like and where it takes place. Experts believe that individuals should obtain skills in order to remain equipped for the changing world of work.


South Africa’s alarming unemployment rate shows one in every three people are not employed. Experts say that unemployed individuals should acquire skills that would increase their chances of employability.




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