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Koeberg Nuclear Power station will be offline

After almost 15 months of uninterrupted operation, Unit 2 of the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station will be taken offline on Monday.

Employment Equity Act

The Employment Equity Act promotes equal opportunity in the workplace and seeks to eliminate unfair discrimination.

understanding debt rescue services

Being over-indebted can be extremely stressful. This is when you find yourself not having enough money to meet your needs whilst trying to pay off existing debt.

Schools sports to alllow spectators

Fans of school sport will celebrate after an announcement that amendments will be made which will allow spectators at school sport activities.

Municipailty has not paid workers salaries

Just months after the 2021 Local Government Elections (LGE) , a Northern Cape Municipality is being accused of not paying workers salaries.

State Caputure Commission of Enquiry

After a court bid to halt the hanging over of the Zondo report was dismissed, President Cyril Ramaphosa received part one of the State Capture Commission of Enquiry’s findings.

Ramaphosa continues to recover from Covid-19

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa is in good spirits as he continues to recover after contracting Covid-19. The president has remained steadfast in his call for South Africans to get vaccinated.

Covid-19 vaccine

After testing positive for Covid-19, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa took the opportunity to encourage citizens to get vaccinated against the virus.

Women donig chores

As South Africa battles with the fourth wave of Covid-19 infections, mandatory vaccination has become a point of contention.

Man in PPE conducting a covid-19 test

The competition commission has made an agreement with two Covid-19 test providers to reduce their prices.



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