is srd grant increase to r500



Millions of vulnerable people rely on social grants to survive every month. The government has revealed how much they will spend to support vulnerable citizens in 2024. 

Millions of people will receive grants payments from Sassa in March 2024. The grant payment agency has confirmed when beneficiaries will be able to access their money during the third month of 2024. 

The Finance Minister announced that efforts are underway to enhancement the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant. However, this enhancement has not yet resulted in the grant being increased. 

Millions of vulnerable people rely on social grants to survive every month. The finance minister has confirmed the grant increases for 2024 in his Budget Speech. 

Millions of vulnerable individuals rely on social grants to survive every month. The Minister of Social Development recently spoke about the impact Sassa's grant programme has on the country. 

Thousands of grant beneficiaries are set to receive double grant payments in February 2024 from Sassa. This is the condition that they took the appropriate action to ensure their details were correct. 

More than seven million people will receive their R350 grant payments in the coming days. The agency has revealed when approved applicants will be paid. 

Social grant beneficiaries rely on effective communication from Sassa for information about their grants. Scammers are attempting to take advantage of vulnerable grant beneficiaries by tricking them. 

The SRD grant serves as financial assistance for unemployed adults in South Africa, and the agency overseeing the grant's disbursement has announced the payment dates for February 2024. 

Millions of people will receive social grant payments in February 2024. Sassa has released the official February grant payment schedule including payment dates for the SRD grant. 

Millions of people receive SRD Grant payments from Sassa monthly. The agency responsible for paying grant have released the SRD Grant payment dates. 

Millions of grant beneficiaries are using expired Sassa gold cards to access their social grants. The agency responsible for facilitating grant payments has informed beneficiaries that they can continue using their gold cards.

There are only two months left that have confirmed grant payment dates from Sassa. Here's when beneficiaries will be paid in 2024. 

Sassa prides itself on paying social grants to deserving individuals. However, it was recently revealed that the agency has paid millions of rands to grant beneficiaries who are deceased. 

Sassa issues 19 million permanent grants on a monthly basis. While Sassa cards may have expired by the end of December, there are still places where you can make use of them.

Millions of people rely on social grants from Sassa to survive every month. If your grant is being deducted before you receive it, you can lodge a dispute with Sassa 

Sassa made a significant announcement towards the close of 2023 that has implications for beneficiaries receiving grants at Post Offices. Subsequently, additional information regarding this matter has been disclosed.

Are you a beneficiary of the R350 grant and you want to know when to expect your grant payment? Sassa has now released the SRD grant payment dates for January 2024.

Sassa pays more than 19 million permanent grants to vulnerable people living in South Africa each and every month. With January only a few days away, Sassa has now released the grant payment schedule.

Government jobs are highly sought after as they offer job seekers with an opportunity to earn a competitive salary along with several benefits. Sassa has revealed where you can find Sassa job vacancies. 





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