student loans

Studying at university or college is expensive so most students will need to think about taking out student loans. As people who have diplomas or degrees will go on to earn more money in their careers, a student loan can be a good investment.  NSFAS will give loans to students from families with lower incomes.  Bank loans are probably a better option for people from wealthier families.

What is a Student Loan? A student loan is borrowed money that is repaid over the time once a student has completed their studies and starts a job. In addition to repaying the amount loaned, most loans also require an additional fee called interest. A student loan is used to pay for college or university costs.

You may have read recently that NSFAS would be changing the way applications worked. The organisation has adopted what they call a Student Centered Model, completely overhauling the applications system. So what does this mean for you?

Caught in the gap between the rich and poor, the missing middle faces a unique set of challenges when applying for university funding.


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