What is required to suspend an employee from work?  This week Ivan Israelstam explains how employers can cause themselves very expensive problems by losing their temper and treating employees unfairly.  

There are a number of reasons why employers might suspend an employee. This week Ivan Israelstam deals with these questions: What are the reasons for suspension? What are the risks associated with each reason?

Employers may suspend an employee in a number of circumstances, some are reasonable and fair, but others may simply be as a result of an employer trying to make life difficult for an employee so that the employee will resign.  This week Ivan Israelstam explains all the various circumstances of suspensions.

Ivan Israelstam

Suspension is an action usually associated with the disciplinary procedures - sometimes before a hearing and sometimes as a sanction. However, there are other circumstances where suspension may be used. But are these suspensions on full pay and for what period can an employee be suspended? This week Ivan Israelstam explains the options and the potential pitfalls.

Ivan Israelstam

Employers ask whether a disciplinary code is necessary in terms of labour law. This week Ivan Israelstam explains why he believes that a disciplinary code is a valuable tool for employers.

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