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Do you want to get your driver's licence? Or does the thought of being behind the wheel scare you? Fight your fears and enhance every area of your life through this essential skill.

Why Skills Development Matters

South Africa contributes a large portion of its national budget towards education and skills development. Let's take a look at why that is and why training is so important.

Ivan Israelstam

This week Ivan Israelstam explains why it is so important for management to be knowledgeable in labour law. The management of discipline is part of management responsibility and should not be seen as a specialist area for the HR or IR people to handle. Therefore training of all management is extremely important.

short courses

One of the options out there for people wanting to further their education is short courses. Let's take a look at why a short course might be right for you.

President Zuma has announced an internship programme that intends to place 1 million youth in paid internships with private companies.

The IMM Business School, is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence through professional, interactive training programmes and we also offer a wide range of dynamic, innovative and engaging programmes.

Managers and supervisors do often grapple with the concept of an "unfair labour practice". Seeking the definition in the Labour Relations Act (LRA) doesn't make things entirely clear because within the LRA definition, the term "unfair" is used a number of times. So how do managers and supervisors decide whether the action they are about to take is "unfair"? Ivan Israelstam uses cases to illustrate the difficulty.


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