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There are fifty registered and accredited public TVET Colleges in South Africa which operate on more than 264 campuses spread across the rural and urban areas of the country that you can choose from.

Bogus College operators take advantage of students who are looking to gain access to further education, leading to these students wasting years on a fake qualification.

Having a matric certificate or an equivalent qualification could increase your prospects of finding a job or could make you eligible for admission into a tertiary education institution.

During the third quarter of 2021, unemployment reached 34,9% in South Africa. This means that more than one-third of people living in the country do not have work. 

Hundreds of thousands of people looking to upskill themselves every year in South Africa. The great thing is that there are so many options for people to choose from in South Africa. 

Many people in South Africa do not have Matric, which is due to various reasons that are often out of their control so they are always looking for alternatives. People are always looking to further their education and one way to do this is through TVET Colleges.This poses the question, 'Can you do TVET College courses without a matric?'. 

As matriculants await National Senior Certificate results, its important that they know the options that they have post matric.

The Department of Higher Education and Training has mentioned that our country is in need of certain skills, and there is a massive shortage of artisans in South Africa. 

You might be considering to go to a TVET college for you vocational certificate, please read for further details.


Should you not meet the requirements for entry at a university, the Department of Higher Education and Training has Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges available for students to study at. 

When doing research on where to study, it’s important to make sure that the course that you choose aligns with your passion. If you aim to be more of a hands-on person, then studying at a TVET college could be best suited for you.




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