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The 2023 academic year has now come to an end and result anxiety is in the air. Here's the schedule for TVET college results and when they will be released.

Thousands of students are expected to further their education and training at Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges. The higher education department has revealed when classes will commence, conclude and when exams will take place for the 2025 academic year. 

Nearly 95% of students enrolled at Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges are funded by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme(NSFAS). Many have wondered whether NSFAS funds NC(V) courses. 

TVET Colleges play a critical role in filling the skills gap in South Africa by providing individuals with the knowledge and skills needed for vocational careers. The Higher Education Minister believes the TVET college sector could be significantly improved with the help of industry partners. 

There are more than 50 TVET colleges with over 200 campuses located across South Africa. Government wants to increase enrolment at these institutions and has outlined plans for expansion.

Do you have a mind for efficiency, great organisational skills, and a passion for systems and record keeping? If yes, then a career path in the office administration field is worth considering and one to think about. 

The higher education department wants more than 2 million students enrolled in programmes at Technical and Vocational Education and Training colleges by 2023. With more than 300 campuses around the country, a wide range of programmes and promising job opportunities, the department believes their enrollment target is possible.


South Africa needs at least 60% of school leavers to pursue artisan-type training to meet the country’s demand for scarce skills. The government is working on tackling the shortage that has persisted over the past few years.


The recent statistics released by the Department of Higher Education and Training paint a worrisome picture of a substantial decline in student enrolments within the TVET college sector.

The Department of Higher Education and Training has implemented a number of strategies to boost TVET colleges and the College Sector as a whole. A significant amount of money is required for the plans to succeed, which the Department is unfortunately lacking.

TVET Colleges are falling behind in comparison to universities, mainly due to students not enrolling in a TVET college for tertiary education. The Department of Higher Education is aware of the TVET College sectors' short-comings, and has a number of plans in place to solve these issues. 

South Africa has 26 public universities and 50 TVET colleges, but it has been revealed that most students are gravitating towards choosing a university over a college, and TVET colleges aren't keeping up with its enrolment targets, in comparison to universities.

The higher education department is investing billions of rands into improving infrastructure at colleges around South Africa. The aim of this is to improve accessibility and ensure graduates are prepared to thrive in the world of work.


Most institutions of higher learning have commenced with registrations, and will soon kick-start the 2023 academic year. Higher Education has made necessary preparations and also reflected on the year-end examinations of one of its sectors.


The Higher Education department wants to increase the amount of students enrolling in academic programmes at Technical and Vocational Education and Training colleges. However, these colleges are facing several challenges.


Once a student graduates with a tertiary education qualification, they receive a certificate which indicates their achievement. However, students at some colleges have not received these crucial certificates.




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