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Individuals wanting to submit claims to the Unemployment Insurance Fund will have to wait to access relief. This comes as the fund will not be processing any claims for the next week.


The UIF has once again paid out a staggering amount of money to qualifying beneficiaries, this time in the Northern Cape. The Fund also has plans to improve service delivery to ensure payouts are processed more smoothly. 

On 18 March 2022, the Minister of Employment and Labour Minister published the ‘Code of Good Practice on the Prevention of Elimination of Harassment in the Workplace’ (Harassment Code).  


Knowing your UIF balance is important in order to plan your finances and make sure that you are not overspending. Checking your UIF balance can be done online by following a few steps. 

During this time of the year, a great number of seasonal farm workers get to be retrenched from farms, and they will need to access their benefits. To make sure that they receive what's theirs, they have been advised to work with their former employers to get the required documents.


The Unemployment Insurance Fund exists to provide temporary financial assistance to individuals if they ever become employed. The fund follows a process in order to ensure that payments are made to beneficiaries.

The Unemployment Insurance Fund provides temporary financial assistance in the event of unemployment and illness, among other factors. These benefits also apply to parents that are adopting a child or are about to go on maternity leave.


The Unemployment Insurance Fund offers short-term financial assistance to workers when they’re unemployed or are unable to work because of several reasons including Dependent benefits. 

The Unemployment Insurance Fund has disbursed a significant amount of money to clients and beneficiaries during the festive season and plans to enhance service delivery to ensure that pay-outs are processed and finalised without any delays. 

Have you ever wondered if your UIF claim could expire? Here is what you need to know. 

The Unemployment Insurance Fund has paid out more than R1 billion in benefits to beneficiaries over the festive season. It plans to improve service delivery to ensure pay outs are processed more smoothly. 

The Unemployment Insurance Fund has disbursed a significant amount of money to former employees of the Presidential Youth Employment Initiative. More payouts are expected to take place across the province of KwaZulu-Natal in due time.

The Unemployment Insurance Fund is encouraging Education Assistants and General School Assistants to apply for unemployment benefits. This as thousands of teaching assistants qualify for unemployment benefits after making contributions.


South Africa’s system of social security has received backlash with regards to mishandling public funds on numerous accounts. This has resulted in increased calls for changes to be made.

Some families were left distraught after their loved ones lost their lives due to a liquid petroleum gas tanker explosion in Boksburg, Gauteng. Government has come up with a solution for employees that have fallen victim to this explosion.


The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) has cautioned the public not to fall victim to scammers, as yet another social media scam circulates.

In the first phase of the “follow the money” project, Millions had been recovered from what is suspected to be fraudulent payments. As the second phase has commenced, companies need to get their ducks in a row.


The Department of Employment and Labour is running an initiative that brings service delivery directly to clients. The Department is encouraging applicants of UIF to take advantage of the opportunity so that they may receive their claims for the festive season. 

Unforeseen circumstances that lead to a loss of income can be devastating for many people. A fund in South Africa ensures that workers can access short term financial relief if they require it.


National lockdowns during the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in thousands of workers losing income. A relief mechanism, aimed at supplementing these workers for their lost income, was misappropriated by several individuals and companies.




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