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Finding out that the programme you are currently enrolled in is being phased out can be distressing for students. South Africa's largest university has revealed the way forward for students enrolled in the Bachelor of Social Work Programme.

Thousands of students will graduate from South Africa's largest university over the next month. Unisa has confirmed its 2024 graduation dates. 

South Africa’s largest university will investigate thousands of students for alleged plagiarism and cheating during examinations. Thousands of students are set to be investigated. 

The recent Unisa exams saw a significant number of student participants. The university has now revealed the timeline for releasing the exam results.

Student representatives at South Africa's largest university have rejected calls from labour unions calling for the institution staff to work remotely. Several reasons have been provided by students. 

South Africa largest university has provided its students with a comprehensive guide they need to follow if they don't want their exam results to be withheld. Here's why Unisa will withhold results. 

​​​​Whether you aspire to enhance your expertise in your current academic field or explore a new area of interest, short courses offer a versatile and effective means to attain these goals. Unisa provides an extensive range of short courses.


Students enrolled at South Africa's largest university are set to receive their results in December. However not all students who participated in exams will get their results. 

After multiple legal challenges preventing the minister from placing the institution under administration, the higher education minister has withdrawn the notice to appoint an administrator at South Africa's largest university. The institution has welcomed the decision from the minister. 

South Africa's largest university was set to be placed under administration. However, the courts prevented the higher education minister from placing the institution under the control of an administrator. 

Students at South Africa's largest university will soon be able to use their allowances from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme. While the institution confirmed the payment of allowances to students, reasons why some students have not been paid were also revealed.

Thousands of students are enrolled in academic programmes at the University of South Africa. However, many students registered late, which impacted their ability to submit their first assignment.


Concerns have been raised regarding action the Department of Higher Education has yet to take, surrounding the chaos erupting within the system of Higher Education.

South Africa's largest distance learning institution has called on students to pay their initial fees. Failure to make the payment could impact the student’s registration at the institution. 

Not only has the 2023 academic year kicked off across the country, but so have student protests and demonstrations at various institutions. The Department of Higher Education says it is currently working on ways to resolve issues faced at universities. 

The Higher Education sector was one of the many aspects discussed during the much-anticipated 2023 Budget Speech. However, not everyone is approving of the planned spending stipulated by the Finance Minister during his address. 

Unisa has recently faced some scrutiny from students regarding the alleged lack of communication and assistance when it comes to registering online. The institution has come out and disputed these claims. 

The Higher Education sector is one of the many aspects of the much-anticipated 2023 Budget Speech, delivered today by South Africa's Finance Minister. Annually, government presents its Budget for the year, highlighting plans of expenditure for the financial year going forward. 

Unisa has released a statement on its website strongly condemning the fraud and dishonesty that some of their students partake in during examinations and assessments. 




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