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Unisa Master of Business Leadership

If you have a thing for business or want to take your management skills to the next level, then the Unisa Master of Business Leadership (MBL) could be exactly what you need. 

Applications for the MBL are open until 15 December 2020 for the 2021 intake. The MBL programme gives students an opportunity to learn theory and practical leadership skills. 

Students will not only develop leadership skills, in line with management, but they will also be empowered to become better and confident leaders. 

The University of South Africa (UNISA) has appointed its first female vice-chancellor. This comes after the UNISA Council conducted a selection process to find a candidate fit for the job. 

How Unisa Applications Work For Students With Disabilities

Students with disabilities are encouraged to apply to study at Unisa. The university offers a range of services tailored to make the learning experience as pleasant as possible.

Unisa respects the right that students have to not disclose the nature of their disability. However, students could miss out on a range of services available to them if they do not make the university aware of how the disability affects their learning experience.  

Distance learning offers multiple benefits to those who are able to overcome the challenges that come with it.

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UNISA has changed their application process so there is still an opportunity to apply to study in 2020.

Making the decision to pursue a higher education is always a positive step forward. However, choosing the best course and following the application process can be complicated and daunting. Here are the steps to submitting your application if you are planning to study through Unisa

What will I learn in an economics study programme? For many the field of economics and the career opportunities associated with it is shrouded in mystery.

Are you passionate about the planet? Environmental science looks at ways to manage and care for the natural surroundings.

Unisa helps students budget for the hidden costs of higher education.



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