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Unisa has recently faced some scrutiny from students regarding the alleged lack of communication and assistance when it comes to registering online. The institution has come out and disputed these claims. 

Unisa has released a statement on its website strongly condemning the fraud and dishonesty that some of their students partake in during examinations and assessments. 

Beneficiaries of the government bursary scheme receive allowances monthly to support them during their time at university. However, these allowances and refunds are distributed by the institutions they attend which could entail days of waiting.


Thousands of students around South Africa will enrol in educational programmes in 2023. One South African university’s application period is open, leaving prospective students with a small window of opportunity to secure their place at the institution.


South Africa’s largest distance university offers a wide range of academic programmes for students wanting to obtain tertiary qualifications. However, there is a limited amount of time to secure your place at the university.


Interested in applying to Unisa for the 2023 academic year? Here is when applications will open.

Graduation is an important event for students, as it is the celebration of their hard work and the sacrifices they made to achieve their academic goals. However, students at one university were unable to celebrate graduation as protests prevented ceremonies from taking place.


South Africa’s largest distance learning institution has announced that it will soon be hosting an open day in the Western Cape. 


The University of South Africa (Unisa) has announced the due date, for which students wanting to enrol in the following programs need to pay the minimum fees for the course. 

As the academic year progresses at tertiary education institutions around the country, students funded by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (Nsfas) will be eagerly waiting for their money to purchase essentials.

After weeks of uncertainty, students whose graduation ceremonies were postponed due to protests will learn the new date of their big day.

An online petition has gained traction at South Africa’s largest university after it was announced that only students who had proof of employment could enrol in one of the programmes offered at the university.

After disruptions prevented graduation ceremonies at the University of South Africa (Unisa) from taking place, the university has provided clarity on who will graduate after ceremonies resume on Tuesday. 

After being suspended for almost two weeks, the University of South Africa (Unisa) has announced that its graduation ceremonies will resume. 

After a protest interrupted graduation ceremonies at the University of South Africa (Unisa), the university moved to postpone its graduation timetable.

A graduation is an exciting event meant to be a celebration of one's academic achievements. However, graduations scheduled for this past week were disrupted by protests at a South African university. 

The 2022 academic year is in full swing as students around the country are getting to grips with new concepts, attending lectures, and submitting assignments. 

Graduation is the celebration of the culmination of years of hard work, dedication and hours spent by students on growing their knowledge around a chosen area of expertise. 

South Africa’s largest university is currently experiencing technical difficulties with its new online system. This will result in several assignment deadlines being extended.

The pandemic has impacted many aspects of our lives and many students at tertiary education institutions did not have the opportunity to walk across a stage and have their academic achievements celebrated.




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