Top qualification in education and training

The ODETDP National Certificate qualification is one of the most sought after qualifications in the Education and Training field.
The different aspects that is covered in this qualification provides potential candidates with the necessary skills to have a lifelong career in the field of Education and Training Development.

This qualification targets:
Learning Facilitators
Learner & learning supporters
Skills Development Facilitators

The ODETDP qualification allows for the opportunity to specialize further in the following roles:
Facilitate learning
Design and develop learning interventions
Design and conduct assessments
Facilitate skills development

Academy Training Group (ATG) have introduced the ODETDP qualification SAQA Id 50334, NQF Level 5 for 120 credits as part of its latest qualification in the field of Education, Training and Development.

This qualification will complement the already existing range of short ETDP courses that ATG offer.
This qualification is made up of the following Exit Level Outcomes:

1. Communicate in a variety of ETD settings
2. Design and develop learning programmes and processes
3. Facilitate and evaluate learning
4. Engage in and promote assessment practices
5. Provide learning and support to learners and organisations
6. Conduct skills development facilitation
The purposes of these identified Exit Level Outcomes are as follows:
1. Communicate orally and in a written format for a range of different purposes, contexts and audiences.
2. Designing and developing outcomes-based learning programmes after defining the skills gaps of the targeted group of learners.
3. Demonstrate the ability to facilitate and evaluate learning interventions using different methods and instruments.
4. Conducting of assessment and moderation of outcomes-based assessments.
5. Support and guide learners in the different learning opportunities available to learners and organisations.
6. Conducting, coordinating and developing skills development plans and interventions for an organisation.

The rewarding aspect of the ODETDP National Certificate qualification is the holistic approach to the Education, Training and Development environment as all the critical outcomes are addressed and covered, which could lead to a potentially fulfilling career in the Education, Training and Development field.

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