1. HIV Workshop

Course Outcomes:

Identify and solve problems by discussing the consequences of people living with HIV/AIDS in relation to infected and affected people, within the family, community and society.
Demonstrate an understanding of sexuality and sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) including HIV and AIDS.
Understand the nature and transmission of HIV/AIDS
Be able to communicate effectively by using verbal and non-verbal communication methods
Demonstrate the understanding of the effect of the HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections on society
Be able to contribute to full personal development by understanding the need for, and the means to engage in safe sex.

Course Outlines:

What is HIV/AIDS?
HIV/AIDS and the immune system
Background of HIV/AIDS
Different stages of HIV
Transmission of HIV
How transmission of HIV takes place
HIV/AIDS management roadmap
Voluntary testing campaigns “know your status”
HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns
Distribution of HIV/AIDS material and pamphlets
Distribution of condoms in the workplace
Working closely with the local Health Department in accessing information
Legislative framework
HIV/AIDS and the work environment
HIV/AIDS voluntary testing
Treatment and lifestyle options, TB and STI’s
Policy for HIV/AIDS in the workplace
Getting the buy in of senior management
Ensuring all levels of the organization are involved in HIV/AIDS projects
Rights of employees living with HIV or AIDS
Confidentiality rights in the workplace
Infringement of confidentiality rights
Accommodating sick employees and the company’s medical incapacity policy
Antiretrovirals How ARV’s work
Access and Distribution of ARV’s
Getting to know your local provincial hospitals and procedures for accessing ARV’s
The effect ARV’s have on a person
Accommodating people taking ARV’s in the workplace, regarding shift work etc
HIV/AIDS and diet
Counselling people with HIV/AIDS
Counselling techniques
Counselling family members and children
Referring HIV infected individuals for further counselling services
Counselling bodies/resources in your area
Seeing HIV/AIDS as a normal chronic disease
Checklist for successful HIV/AIDS programmes
Problem analysis on HIV/AIDS and project identification in the workplace
Prevention and protection strategies
Business Impact
Example of HIV/AIDS policy
HIV/AIDS statistics
World statistics
South African statistics
HIV/AIDS Orphans in SA

Contact Details

Contact Person: 

Pieter Vermaak or Unathi Phiri
Course Details

Course Duration: 

1 Days