MS Excel: (Advanced)

As part of our Advanced Excel training you will gain the necessary knowledge required for the efficient of the tools and other exciting extras which this outstanding software has to offer; and so ensure your optimum use of Excel.
There are many features which Advanced Excel has to offer to its user. The in depth training which we give to you in order to learn Advanced Excel as such focuses on each and every feature and tool included in this supreme software. This course leaves no stone unturned when it comes to making sure that you learn the Advanced Excel software effectively and efficiently. In this way you will have the capabilities and required knowledge to really unleash the great power of Advanced Excel once you have made use of the Advanced Excel training courses which we provide

Course Content:

1. Formatting
• Cells
• Worksheets

2. Charts
• Creating Charts
• Analysis
• Validating and Auditing

3. Enhancing Productivity
• Naming Cells
• Paste Special
• Templates
• Linking, Embedding and Importing
• Automation

4. Collaborative
• Tracking an Reviewing
• Security

5. Hide or Unhide Formulas

6. Additional Exercises

3 Days

Includes theory and practical work as well as formative and summative assessments. All learners will receive a Certificate on completion of the course

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Thando Nkonyane 012 993 4237
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Course Duration: 

3 days