Mentoring Course

This Skills Programme will be useful to those who provide a basic level of support and assistance to learners about their learning and assessment needs. Attendees will be able to provide basic support and assistance to learners in terms of issues such as:

Learning programme content, structure, admission requirements, exit level outcomes, learning contracts, approaches to learning and assessment;
Career progression options within the occupation; and
Typical learning or personal difficulties experienced by learners.

This course excludes complex situations involving diagnosis of needs, career counselling, personal counselling or psychological services.

Practitioners will also gain understanding of OBET and the NQF during this course.

Programme Outcomes:

Source and maintain information to assist and support learners;
Provide assistance and support to learners;
Maintain records of assistance and support provided; and
Review support services.
Identify and analyse learner needs;
Prepare and review an individual development plan;
Provide guidance to learners;
Maintain records of learner needs and guidance provided; and
Evaluate services provided.
Explain the outcomes-based approach to education and training;
Describe the National Qualifications Framework;
Describe and explain standards;
Describe and explain national qualifications; and
Develop a broad plan for implementing the NQF within an organisation.

Who this course will benefit:

ODETDP Practitioners, Facilitators, Educators and Mentors in the workplace.

Entrance Requirements:

Leaner should have a good comprehension of English.
Exposure to education, training and development environments and practices.
The credits have been calculated on the assumption that the average learner will be at level 5 or above in their own field of expertise.


Includes theory and practical work. Portfolio building is not completed within the 4 days training period.

Contact Details

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Course Details

Unit Standard: 

ID 117865, ID 117874, ID 117924

NQF Level: 

Level 4
Level 5

Course Delivery Method: 

In Class In Class

Course Duration: 

4 days