Electrical Fundamentals of Machines

This course covers the basic operation of the electrical system of earthmoving equipment machines and its operating components. Course delegates will gain an in-depth knowledge of the electrical system for troubleshooting and maintenance purposes.

What are learning outcomes?

    • Explain the principles of electricity
    • Describe direct current and alternating current
    • Explain the operating principle of electromagnets
    • Describe voltage, resistance and current in a circuit
    • Define Ohm’s law
    • Explain what is series, parallel and series-parallel circuits
    • Explain the operation of a battery
    • Understand how to read electrical drawings
    • Understand the basic operation of a starter motor
    • Explain the operation of an alternator
    • Understand how to conduct basic electrical maintenance




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Contact Person: 

Paul Sethusa
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Course Duration: 

Five Days


R5 500.00

Course fee Includes: 

Learner workbook, lunch and refreshments