FIDIC - Advanced Contract Management & Administration - Public and Onsite Training

As you probably already know, various forms of the FIDIC contract are widely used throughout Africa and they are considered by many as the contract of choice. Over the years, Alusani Skills & Training Network® have run a number of sell-out FIDIC training courses throughout Africa that have all focused on giving you the essential legal and contractual know-how that you need when working with the FIDIC Red and Yellow Books.

Although FIDIC contracts often seem relatively straightforward, unforeseen circumstances can quickly cause things to become complicated. That's why it's essential to have an advanced-level understanding of the many fine-print contractual details that have the potential to become expensive legal disputes.

That is why we developed this advanced FIDIC CPD-accredited 2-day course that will take an in-depth look at how to effectively administer and manage the FIDIC Red and Yellow Book contracts to meet your obligations, as well as the specified deliverables during the execution phase of the project.

We have designed this advanced FIDIC training course to take you through the entire life cycle of a project and include all of the FIDIC contract administration tasks that you need to be aware of every step of the way. The course will also equip you with the skills that you need to determine the inherent risks associated with each stage during the lifecycle of the project under a FIDIC contract.

Plus we will cover the very latest 2017 changes that have been released with regards to the FIDIC Red & Yellow Books.

Using a variety of FIDIC-focused case studies this advanced CPD-accredited training course will also take an in-depth look at the recent developments in relation to the interpretation of the FIDIC contracts and how this impacts the day-to-day management and administration of the FIDIC contract, as well as the seemingly simple provisions that can potentially create legal nightmares.

In addition, this course will explore and incorporate all of the technical and procedural competencies and will cover in detail the dealings between the contracting parties and concerned stakeholders no matter if you represent the Employer/Client, Consultant or Contractor. It will also combine both the FIDIC commercial and contractual necessities which will support and promote the performance of the entire project from the time the contract is awarded until the work has been completed, payment has been made and any disputes settled.

Another incentive for you to register for this course – every Course Participant as part of your registration fee will receive your very own copy of the FIDIC Red Book + FIDIC Yellow Book which are each valued at over R1000 absolutely FREE!

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2 CPD Points by SAICE/ECSA Validation # SAICEcon17/02057/20

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