People Management Skills - Public and Onsite Training

As a Manager, your success is measured not only in terms of your individual contribution but by how well you work with and through your team. Ask yourself honestly - are your people skills holding you back professionally?

You have probably seen this situation before…two people with a very similar set of skills and knowledge, but one of them is able to manage people better and the other one’s people skills are just simply poor or mediocre at best. Which one gets ahead faster and goes further? Of course you know the answer…there really is no contest!

People like to be managed, especially if they are managed well. And the good thing is that just like any other skill, effective interpersonal skills that can help you to manage people better can be learned.

That is why we have developed this intensive yet practical and hands-on 3-day people management skills training course. You will learn the skills needed to understand, relate to and work better with all types of people…even the difficult ones! This training course will identify and build on your existing strengths and capabilities and doesn’t try to preach and teach you incompatible skills or the ‘right’ way to manage.

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3 CPD Points by SAICE/ECSA Validation # SAICEot17/02022/20
18 CPD Hours by SACPCMP Validation # SACPCMP/CPD/17/023

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