Conflict Management

Conflict management seems to be the buzzword in many articles written of late. There are more and more companies requesting training interventions of the topic. Conflict is a way of life and a sign of the times. Conflict is something we just have to live with.

Conflict can be defined as an ongoing state of hostility between two or more people or groups and conflict management is the process used to resolve issues between the various parties.

In most instances workplace conflict is a silent killer. Workplace conflict is something we do not admit to or discuss. Employees do not normally express their views or feelings related to conflict openly and prefer to voice their concerns or bad feelings about their manager to their colleagues - you know, the coffee machine gossip session?

Managers and/or employees facing a conflict situation in the working environment first of all have to look at the root cause of this conflict? They need to understand the source and cause of the conflict. They need to be certain the right issue is being dealt with and not what is perceived.

Management need to have measures in place to deal with the causes of conflict and to treat the symptom before it becomes an illness. Should a conflict arise management needs to have measures in place to deal with the conflict and ensure it is resolved satisfactorily.

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