Management and the Generation Gap

Part of succeeding as an enterprise means successfully managing staff, and these days that means working to turn your culture into a place that Generation X can call home.

Most managers, who were born and raised in the traditionalist baby boomer (1946 to 1966) era stumble when they find themselves managing generation X or Y employees or subordinate managers. The reason being, the traditionalist managers expect loyalty, practicality, work ethic and respect for authority from employees.

The baby boomers however believe rewards come to those who deserve them. They do in fact believe hard work pays off and the good guy wins. Generation X and Y employees and subordinate managers view authority, respect, rules and right and wrong differently. For this reason the baby boomer manager needs to quickly learn that differences exist. They need to identify with and learn about the difference in thinking patterns and the aspirations and loyalties of employees and subordinate managers.

Once managers learn these lessons, the will have the framework needed to effectively manage their employees and other subordinate managers.

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