Facilitator / Train the Trainer by video on your own computer

This training course will enable you to facilitate skills and personal development across learnerships/learning programmes.
Once you have achieved this unit standard you will be aware of the sector and workplace skills plans.
You will work with bodies of theory and will pay attention to learners’ meta-cognitive issues.

More specifically you will be able to:
• Prepare the learners and the learning environment
• Create communication and support strategies within groups to encourage dialogue, lasting networks and integration of different viewpoints.
• Relate new knowledge to prior knowledge
• Scope the intended learning intervention by clarifying goals, establishing relationships between various activities and incorporating learner needs and expectations.
• Implement the learning strategy by adapting the learning strategies for individual and/or group learning to the learning context, using open, interactive and participatory approaches to construct knowledge, supporting learner progress and effectively managing the learning process.
• Consolidate the learning by encouraging learners to construct a synthesis report
• Evaluate the learning process by critiquing the facilitation and learning process through reflection and making modifications to inform the planning of the facilitation of future learning interventions
• Maintain effective and efficient administrative systems

Prior Learning Requirements
A qualification or equivalent competence in an occupation in which you will practice this ETD competence.


Power point presentation of course with page reference to Learner manual
Facilitation by video of an actual workshop at skills programmes level.
A template is provided for the required Portfolio and completed while viewing video of workshop and reference to the Learner Manual.
Six weeks to complete the Port Folio of Evidence including a practical facilitation
Call, SMS or visit our venue for learner support
Once you have successfully completed this unit standard we upload you to ETDP SETA who issues a Statement of Results (SOR) which you will use to register with your individual SETA as a Facilitator.

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Six weeks


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