Advance Facilitator

The people in an organisation make the difference between success and failure. Developing people to have the right skills, knowledge and attitude is key to achieving operational objectives and therefore excellence in training is key to the development of a business.

Training needs to be relevant, engaging, dynamic and contemporary for it to be effective. A trainer must have the skills to deliver effective training and also have the ability to inspire and motivate their learners. The aim of this intensive Facilitation programmes is to give up and coming Facilitators these skills.

Career Opportunities:

Competent Facilitators will have the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude to inform and enhance their Facilitation Skills and continue to advance their professional standing

Programme Outcomes

By the end of this programmes learners will be able to

Effectively plan and prepare for facilitation;

Oranise a facilitation programme;

Develop leadership skills;

Be assertive in facilitation,

Facilitate using word & excel Facilitate learning; and Evaluate their learning and facilitation

Programme Outline Learning

Unit 1 Plan and prepare for facilitation Learning

Unit 2 Facilitate learning

Learning Unit 3 Evaluate learning and facilitation

Contact Details

Contact Person: 

Course Details

NQF Level: 

Level 5



Course Delivery Method: 

In Class In Class

In House In-House

On Demand On Demand

Course Duration: 

3 days



Course fee Includes: 

Training, Venue, Leaning Material, Assessment, Moderation and Lunch